Founded in 1952, CSDA is most proud of its seven decades of quality design. Under the leadership of Bill Corlett and Peter Skaer, the firm rose to distinction for such unique projects as the 1960 Winter Olympic facilities at Squaw Valley, numerous technologically sophisticated projects for the Department of Defense and educational facilities for all levels of instruction around the world.

From the beginning, CSDA has specialized in the planning and design of educational facilities. Over the past seven decades, we have applied thoughtful, innovative, and sustainable solutions to plan and design educational facilities worldwide.

Additionally, for the past 30 years, CSDA has provided airport noise insulation program management and design services for residences, businesses, and places of worship immediately surrounding international and municipal airports throughout California and all over the United States.

We value the long-lasting relationships that we have cultivated with our clients, and we endeavor to exceed client expectations by providing products and services that not only fulfill their requirements but generate additional value.

More than 70 Years of Design

x Corlett and Spackman is founded by William Corlett and Wendel Spackman. Corlett and Spackman’s first office is located at Clay and Battery Streets in San Francisco, CA.
x Corlett and Spackman rises to distinction for unique projects such as the Winter Olympics Facilities at Squaw Valley USA (Olympic Valley, CA), which is designed in association with Kitchen and Hunt Architects.
x Corlett and Spackman design its first international K-12 campus at the American International School of Tokyo, Japan.
x Corlett, Skaer and DeVoto’s residential sound insulation practice begins when the firm is awarded with a $52 million contract with the City of South San Francisco for the San Francisco International Airport residential noise insulation program.
x The Los Angeles office is established upon the award of the Los Angeles World Airport’s residential soundproofing program.
x Corlett, Skaer and DeVoto is awarded the $78 million Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport residential sound mitigation services contract that lasts for more than 12 years.
x Anissa Wong is named CFO and CSDA’s first female partner.
x CSDA’s first new construction project for Los Angeles Unified School District opens with the completion of the historic San Pedro High School Gymnasium.
x Randy Waldeck, principal of our sound insulation team, joins CSDA and leads a team offering a full-spectrum of sound insulation services for residences, businesses and religious facilities adjacent to airports and their flight paths.
x CSDA’s Milwaukee office opens upon award of the General Mitchell International Airport (Milwaukee, WI) noise management project, which includes the acoustical treatment of approximately 740 single- and multi-family homes.
x The firm’s name changes to CSDA Design Group to better reflect the wide array of services provided including architecture, sound insulation and an increased emphasis on international campus planning.
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