Values & Approach

At CSDA, we recognize that each client and every project is unique. We listen carefully to understand each client’s goals and challenges. We collaborate with stakeholders to define a shared vision. We are then able to create thoughtful, inspiring, innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions.



Listening starts when we develop of a relationship with our client and continues through all phases of the project. It is the process by which we establish each client’s objectives, program, deliverables, budget, and schedule.


Collaborating is the process of working together and building a cohesive team. It focuses on sharing knowledge and experience, learning together, gaining consensus, and working toward a collective vision with mutual ownership of outcomes.


Creating memorable and enriching places is an iterative process that follows, and is integrated with, how we listen and collaborate. Our process is tailored to meet each client’s individual requirements. Creative design produces solutions that maximize value for our clients.


Quality First

In our services. In our projects. Incorporate “lessons Learned”

Think Creatively

In our process. In our problem-solving. Add value.

Act Responsibly

With integrity. With honesty. Do the right thing.

Be Profitable

With discipline. With Strategic Vision. Sustain our company.


With our employees. With our clients and partners. With our community.

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