UPDATE: Anat Grant and Mike Schoen to Moderate a Roundtable Discussion at 2016 C.A.S.H. Conference

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We are pleased to announce that CSDA’s Director of Acoustics, Anat Grant, and Principal, Mike Schoen, will be moderating a roundtable discussion at next week’s 37th Annual C.A.S.H. Conference on School Facilities in Sacramento, CA. Anat and Mike will host an exciting interactive discussion on Sound Solutions: Acoustics 101 for Educational Facilities on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016 from 8:30 a.m. – 9:15 a.m. This workshop will provide a basic understanding of acoustical engineering and design considerations specific to educational facilities. The focus of this engaging session will include an overview of acoustical design features that can help enhance student/teacher satisfaction, learning and productivity. We will also cover methods to improve speech intelligibility and verbal communication inside of a school. Additionally, we will seek to help architects in being proactive in addressing any potential acoustical issues that may arise during the early design phase of school projects.

Visit the C.A.S.H. website for more information.

UPDATE 2/25/16: If you weren’t able to catch it this year, our interactive handout from our Roundtable Discussion is available here: Sound Solutions_Acoustics 101 for Ed Facilities or here: Sound Solutions: Acoustics 101 for Ed Facilities


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