CSDA Design Group Announces Small Business Certification

SBECertifiedLogo180CSDA Design Group (CSDA) has announced that the firm received State of California Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certification from the Department of General Services (DGS), Office of Small Business and DVBE Services (OSDS). With the new certification, CSDA will be eligible for the Small Business Participation Program, qualifying it for the 25% of California state contracting dollars that are set aside for certified small businesses each year.

“Due to CSDA’s increasing role and future opportunities with public infrastructure projects, SBE certification became increasingly important,” said Randy Waldeck, PE, Principal of Acoustics at CSDA Design Group. “With CSDA’s SBE status, our firm will be a stronger partner for large environmental firms pursuing upcoming infrastructure work and provide CSDA with additional opportunities in our educational facility design practice.”

The California Small Business Certification process enables smaller businesses to compete for government contracts that have traditionally been challenging to access. The process enables smaller businesses to gain a pricing preference for state contracts and allows state agencies to undertake a significantly streamlined bidding process, delivering benefits both to the state and to the vendor while still providing effective safeguards to the contracting process.



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