CSDA to Provide Acoustical Consulting for People’s Community Market Coming to West Oakland

CSDA is excited to work with Mr. Ahmadi and Lowney Architecture as part of this amazing community project that gives this area of Oakland access to fresh produce and culturally appropriate food options at an affordable price. Our “part” is small, but the overall impact will be large.  “Working on a project that benefits and helps to transform a community is especially important to me and the firm,” said Randy Waldeck, CSDA’s Principal of Acoustics.

“It’s been a long journey for People’s Community Market and its founder Brahm Ahmadi. Over the span of almost a decade, the community organizer has been working toward opening a fresh food market in West Oakland, in a neighborhood almost completely bereft of healthy food options for its residents. Now, with the recent purchase of its future space, the market is closer to becoming fully realized.”  – Ellen Fort, Eater San Francisco

You can read more here:  http://sf.eater.com/2016/3/28/11301988/peoples-community-market-west-oakland


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