CSDA Wraps Up Interior Noise Measurement Research; ACRP Publishes Results

acrp_rpt_152_coverNew research by CSDA will improve consistency of interior noise level measurements for airport sound insulation programs nationwide. Funded and published by TRB’s Airport Cooperative Research Program, this two year study supplements the Guidelines for Airport Sound Insulation Programs published in 2010.

Airports undertake sound insulation programs to sound insulate homes, schools, churches, and community centers located in existing or forecast noise contours. Sound Insulation Program (SIPs) are supported by FAA Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funds. Homes must be located within a qualified noise impacted area and exceed 45 dB inside of the building to qualify for federally funded sound insulation work. Acoustical measurements to confirm a building’s eligibility can be affected by the measurement method, location of the sound source and measurement equipment along with many other factors.

CSDA Design Group led research to understand the differences between measurement methods and identify and minimize inaccuracies in determining interior noise levels. The TRB’s Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) published our team’s findings in March 2016. The report includes a decision matrix for selecting an appropriate acoustical testing method and best practices for each measurement technique. Get your copy today!


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