CSDA’s New San Francisco Office and a Bit of History on Sam’s Grill

What do CSDA Design Group and Sam’s Grill have in common? CSDA’s San Francisco office moved in August 2019, and we are now located above Sam’s at 364 Bush St.

Built in 1907, this lovely corner building is in an area rich with architectural history – the perfect place for CSDA to plant some new roots as we continue to grow our 67-year-old business.

Before you stop by for a visit, here are 10 things you may not know about this classic SF restaurant and tavern:

1. Sam’s has been in SF for more than 150 years.
2. It’s one of the top 5 oldest restaurants in the U.S., opening in 1867, just after the gold rush.
3. Its 1st location was in the old California Market.
4. Sam’s was founded by Michael Bolan Moraghan, a native of Ireland and oysterman, who called it M. B. Moraghan’s.
5. Restauranteur Sam Zenovich purchased Moraghan’s in 1922, renaming it The Samuel Zenovich Restaurant.
6. Frank Seput bought Sam’s 1937, changing its name to Sam’s Grill and Seafood Restaurant.
7. Sam’s moved to its current location in 1946.
8. Peter Quartaroli started working for the Seput family in 1994 and later the following owner, Phil Lyons.
9. In 2014, Lyons sold Sam’s to its current owners, Peter and a group of loyal patrons.
10. Sam’s is still known today for its selection of fresh oysters and shellfish – and they are delicious!
(Photo Source: Sam’s Grill SF) (Source: https://samsgrill-sf.com/history/)

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