Hayward High School STEAM Building Fall 2019

In November of 2014, the City of Hayward passed Measure L, which provided $229 million for Hayward Unified School District improvements including the design and construction of new STEAM buildings on three high school campuses: Hayward High School, Tennyson High School & Mt. Eden High School. STEAM, which is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, art, and math, supports an interdisciplinary project-based curriculum, which these new buildings will house.

The project was designed based on the following guiding principles:

• The building is a teaching tool where the interconnectivity of curriculum is reflected in the design – systems are exposed and celebrated, rather than concealed, art is found in the materials
and systems rather than applied.
• The building supports student ownership, is a social hub and promotes stewardship.
• The building provides a creative, interactive, hands-on environment.
• The building encourages collaboration and connectivity.
• The building is flexible with transformer-type spaces that support (rather than limit) learning with a STEAM infrastructure and customizable spaces that allow for flexibility and change over time to accommodate curriculum changes and unknown or emerging programs.
• The building provides a new, forward identity for the District.
• The building prototype is adapted to the individual identity of each high school campus.

The STEAM buildings provide eight Learning Spaces and two Science Labs organized around the double-height Maker Space and Demonstration Lobby where projects are tested, realized, and presented to the cohort. The classrooms are designed to be flexible allowing for a variety of learning styles and teaching methodologies. Breakout rooms and alcoves provide spaces for small group collaboration and self-directed learning. Outdoor learning areas include a maker space patio, orchard, garden, and areas for group work and individual contemplation. The building will be LEED Gold and Net-Zero ready.

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