Corlett and Spackman designs the American Corp Sisalkraft’s West Coast plant, which is featured in Pacific Architect and Builder as an example of mid-century modern industrial design, and aptly described as an “efficient plant with a pleasing face.”


Bill Corlett designs the Greenbrae Elementary School (Marin County, CA). The school’s mid-century modern design is ahead of its time with many 21st century design elements such as daylighting, flexible learning spaces, outdoor classrooms, and student display areas.


Corlett and Spackman is founded by William Corlett and Wendel Spackman. Corlett and Spackman’s first office is located at Clay and Battery Streets in San Francisco, CA.


Founded in 1952, CSDA is most proud of its six decades of quality design. Under the leadership of Bill Corlett and Peter Skaer, the firm rose to distinction for such unique projects as the 1960 Winter Olympic facilities at Squaw Valley, numerous technologically sophisticated projects for the Department of Defense and educational facilities for all levels of instruction. CSDA has served as consultants to educational facility planners worldwide. Since 1986, CSDA has provided full program management and, more recently, acoustical engineering services for a wide range of sound mitigation projects.