CSDA’s New San Francisco Office and a Bit of History on Sam’s Grill

What do CSDA Design Group and Sam’s Grill have in common? CSDA’s San Francisco office moved in August 2019, and we are now located above Sam’s at 364 Bush St.

Built in 1907, this lovely corner building is in an area rich with architectural history – the perfect place for CSDA to plant some new roots as we continue to grow our 67-year-old business.

Before you stop by for a visit, here are 10 things you may not know about this classic SF restaurant and tavern:

1. Sam’s has been in SF for more than 150 years.
2. It’s one of the top 5 oldest restaurants in the U.S., opening in 1867, just after the gold rush.
3. Its 1st location was in the old California Market.
4. Sam’s was founded by Michael Bolan Moraghan, a native of Ireland and oysterman, who called it M. B. Moraghan’s.
5. Restauranteur Sam Zenovich purchased Moraghan’s in 1922, renaming it The Samuel Zenovich Restaurant.
6. Frank Seput bought Sam’s 1937, changing its name to Sam’s Grill and Seafood Restaurant.
7. Sam’s moved to its current location in 1946.
8. Peter Quartaroli started working for the Seput family in 1994 and later the following owner, Phil Lyons.
9. In 2014, Lyons sold Sam’s to its current owners, Peter and a group of loyal patrons.
10. Sam’s is still known today for its selection of fresh oysters and shellfish – and they are delicious!

Press Telegram Article: A “Miracle on Clark Avenue” for St. Anthony High School

In August 2019, the Long Beach Press Telegram published a feature article about St. Anthony High School’s athletic field and facilities on Clark Avenue in Long Beach, CA.

CSDA Design Group is the architect for this long-awaited multi-million-dollar, 9.5-acre renovation project. “There are so many stories within this story – all the people who’ve worked so hard together, bringing Long Beach’s only Catholic high school to this time and place in the school’s 100-year history,” said Gina H.R. Maguire, President of St. Anthony’s High.

Read the full article here, written by Rich Archbold:

500 Kirkham Street Acoustical Services

One of CSDA’s latest mixed-use/multifamily acoustical design projects, 500 Kirkham, was recently approved by the Oakland Planning Commission. Panoramic Interests plans to break ground on the first building in 2020, with the two additional buildings starting construction at a later date. The site near West Oakland BART station will also include 35,000 square feet of retail space.

CSDA was retained to perform acoustical consulting services for Phase I of the project. Our Phase I services address Building One and Two with a total of 610 units. Our services also include an environmental noise study, schematic design input, design development acoustical review, and construction documents input. Additionally, we will provide construction administration support in the later phases of the project.

Catch the Next Wave in Noise Control Engineering 2019 Conference

Randy Waldeck, Principal of Acoustics, and Indi Savitala, Director of Acoustics attended the 2019 National Conference on Noise Control Engineering (Noise-Con 2019). The event was co-hosted by the Institute of Noise Control Engineering USA and the Transportation Research Board Committee on Transportation-Related Noise and Vibration in San Diego, CA. Randy presented a paper about aviation noise and Indi presented a paper on high-impact fitness centers. Learn more about the conference here:

Hayward High School STEAM Building’s HONORABLE MENTION Award

CSDA’s Hayward High School STEAM Building projects received an Honorable Mention Award in the Learning by Design Spring Educational Facilities Design Awards Showcase.

This “Celebration of Contemporary Learning Environments” recognized the nation’s leading architectural, engineering and design firms for outstanding pre-K to 12 and college/university projects.

A select jury of architects and educational facility planners noted that “CSDA’s design demonstrates great visible learning and collaboration opportunities”.

Link to our project portfolio page can be found at