CSDA was retained to provide acoustical consulting services for the 88 Broadway/735 Davis Street project in San Francisco. We provided acoustical recommendations for the project to meet City and State Code requirements. The project consists of two buildings containing 189 residential units, ground floor retail spaces, rooftop amenity spaces, and a childcare center. The project includes both affordable and senior housing components. Our acoustical consulting included the preparation of an environmental noise study, schematic design review, design development review, construction document review, bidding/permit phase assistance, and construction administration support.


This project consists of 89 upscale apartment units located adjacent to Hollywood Boulevard and US-101. The project is also on the site of an event center, making environmental noise intrusion a significant concern. This seven-story Hollywood apartment complex sits adjacent to the Lombardi House, an existing four-unit guest house and historic barn. Revenue from the rentals will be directed toward maintaining and preserving the original historic estate, the Lombardi House.

CSDA was retained to provide full-service acoustical consulting for the project. In addition to measurements and analysis of environmental noise intrusion, CSDA is providing architectural acoustics design and mechanical noise/vibration control recommendations.


CSDA was hired to provide acoustical design services for an apartment building located at 570 21st Street, Oakland, California. The project consists of a podium level (Type I) with four levels of Type III construction on top. Our services include measurements and analysis of environmental noise intrusion, calculation of required window and exterior door STC ratings. We also provided architectural acoustics input for sound isolation (e.g., party walls, floor-ceiling assemblies), along with mechanical noise/vibration control.


CSDA conducted an environmental noise study for the planned construction of a new, three story commercial building in downtown San Mateo. We measured and compared existing environmental noise levels to acoustical criteria in the State Building Code and the City of San Mateo’s General Plan. CSDA’s report included noise reduction measures, such as sound-rated windows and doors, for the mixed-use retail and office space.

Acousticians reviewed the mechanical drawings and provided multiple options to reconfigure or modify the mechanical equipment to meet the noise criteria in the City of San Mateo’s Municipal Code. In addition, CSDA provided HVAC noise/vibration reduction recommendations for the office spaces.



Kiddie Academy Childcare relied on CSDA to prepare an environmental noise study for their new location in San Jose, CA. Acousticians measured and calculated the existing environmental noise exposure at the site and evaluated interior noise levels inside the daycare center. As part of the study, CSDA calculated the expected noise generated by the children on the playground to neighboring residences to determine if a noise variance from the City was necessary to meet the San Jose Zoning Ordinance. We recommended mitigation measures, such as sound-rated windows and doors, to reduce noise generated by traffic on Almaden Expressway, and to meet CalGreen and City requirements.