CSDA is providing full acoustical design services including exterior noise intrusion analysis, interior sound isolation, and MEP noise and vibration control for this project. This site is located in the flight path of the Los Angeles International Airport, therefore aircraft noise intrusion is a significant concern. This project is converting an existing commercial office building to a 400-key dual branded Hyatt House select service hotel.


CSDA provided acoustical consulting services to Gensler for the tenant improvement project for Biomarin. A primary focus of our consulting was the central atrium and the surrounding office spaces; we analyzed reverberation, speech intelligibility and background noise levels inside of the spaces. We also provided consulting for sound isolation, HVAC noise and provided sound masking analysis/commissioning services.


CSDA was retained to provide acoustical consulting at the San Mateo Medical Center Renovation project in San Mateo. The project consists of the renovation of 25,000 square feet of the ground floor of the nursing tower, including the kitchen, morgue, coroner’s office, medical records, staff lockers, storage, and similar functions. In addition, a new administration building is planned, which will consist of 70,000 square feet over three floors. The new administration building will house a kitchen, cafe/dining area, call center, security office, gift shop, education/conference center, administrative offices, and support spaces. Our acoustical consulting includes sound isolation, room acoustics, MEP noise and vibration control, elevator and other noise-generating building services.

CSDA was also retained to provide construction noise and vibration control for the demolition of the existing health services building and the main hospital building project in San Mateo. The site is surrounded by single and multi-family residences and there is a concern that the demolition of the existing buildings and construction of the new hospital building will create noise and vibration impacts at the nearby residences.


CSDA was hired to provide acoustical design services for an apartment building located at 570 21st Street, Oakland, California. The project consists of a podium level (Type I) with four levels of Type III construction on top. Our services include measurements and analysis of environmental noise intrusion, calculation of required window and exterior door STC ratings. We also provided architectural acoustics input for sound isolation (e.g., party walls, floor-ceiling assemblies), along with mechanical noise/vibration control.


LOCATION: Inglewood, CA
PROJECT TYPE: Residential Sound Insulation
CLIENT: City of Inglewood
PROJECT COST: $37.9 million (Construction)

In 2013 CSDA was contracted with the City of Inglewood to provide architectural and engineering design services for the Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP). To date, CSDA has surveyed and designed modifications for 949 individual residences. The RSIP, which was funded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), consists of the following scope of work:

  • Conduct architectural surveys
  • Prepare sound insulation modification plans for each unit to be insulated
  • Complete pre- and post-construction acoustic testing for a portion of the homes
  • Compile hazardous materials surveys and reports
  • Prepare construction cost estimates
  • Prepare bid documents (drawings, details, and specifications)

In addition to the above, CSDA is providing construction administration support, including field observation, punch lists, and contractor coordination.

CSDA was also retained to provide Program Management in support of the City’s facilitation of the overall RSIP and other Program consultants. Our services include assistance with grant reporting, parcel tracking database creation and management, and recommendations to streamline and improve the efficiency of the Program. CSDA provided full-time support to the City, working alongside City staff, to help the City achieve their goal of sound insulating over 1,000 residences per year in 2014 and 2015. CSDA also liaised with LAWA staff during the preparation of related grant reporting documents and other program documents.




Los Angeles Sound Insulation Program – Creating Quieter Neighborhoods.

The City of Inglewood Residential Sound Insulation Program was highlighted in in the August/Sept 2015 Airport Magazine. Read the article Los Angeles Sound Insulation Program – Creating Quieter Neighborhoods.




Inglewood Milestone_thumbnail

Inglewood Celebrates Sound Insulation Milestone

On December 8, 2015, representatives from CSDA Design Group,  City of Inglewood and Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) toured the 2,000th home to receive sound insulation in 2015. Read the full story in the Los Angeles WAVE.