The project consisted of the demolition of existing modular structures and the construction of a new 88,000 gross square foot modern, efficient steel-framed building. There will be one 425-seat auditorium, two 180-seat classrooms, and a 4-story wing with the first 3 floors of classrooms and a 4th floor for offices.

CSDA’s scope of services includes sound isolation, room acoustics, and MEP/HVAC Noise and Vibration analysis. These services extend from the Schematic Design phase through Construction Administration.


CSDA was retained to work with oWow to provide acoustical consulting to this new development consisting of 182 residential units. The project consists of two phases:

  • Phase 1 will be the construction of 13,000 square feet of ground-floor and commercial space;
  • Phase 2 will consist of the construction of 19-stories of residential units with 16 of them designated as affordable for low-income households. The development will have amenity space at the rooftop.

The type of construction for this development is Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), which provides advantages such as lower costs, sustainability, and is faster to build compared to using other building materials.

CSDA’s services include acoustic measurements, construction site visits, design input on sound isolation, HVAC/mechanical noise/vibration reduction, room acoustics, and facade noise reduction design, from the environmental noise study phase through construction administration.


CSDA was retained to provide acoustical consulting services for the 2124 Bancroft Apartments in Berkeley. The building consists of 50 apartments, a small retail space, ground level parking, and a shared roof deck.

Our acoustical consulting services included an environmental noise study, sound isolation, room acoustics, MEP/HVAC noise, construction site visits, design input and facade acoustical design. Our involvement begins with Schematic Design through Construction Administration.

In addition, our services also included the preparation of a construction noise control plan, which involves a review of planned demolition and construction equipment, and calculation of construction noise levels and noise reduction measures to reduce construction noise. The Plan was submitted to the City of Berkeley.


LAWA retained CSDA to conduct a technical feasibility and environmental review regarding the increase of the North Downwind arrival altitudes and to suggest changes to the north downwind flight path.

Aircraft arriving from the north and west during Westerly Operations follow the North Downwind Arrival Route to land at LAX. This route directs aircraft to head east parallel to the 10 freeway and make a U-turn at or pass the 110 freeway for final approach to LAX, and to create an alternative route for these arrivals. Since the Implementation of FAA’s Southern California Metroplex Project in 2017, aircraft following this route have been flying via a narrower and more concentrated flight path than before, increasing aircraft noise on the communities below.

The Communicate Roundtable proposed two options in order to provide noise relief for the communities:
A) To increase the altitudes of aircraft on the North Downwind Arrival Route and to extend the downwind leg of this route farther east to San Bernardino before aircraft can make a U-turn to head back to LAX for landing.
B) To create a new arrival procedure that directs aircraft to follow a different flight path than the North Downwind Arrival Route to join the final approach in the San Bernardino area.

CSDA performed noise modeling, emissions and fuel burn analysis as well as an evaluation of airspace conflicts. In addition, population exposure was calculated.


CSDA was retained to work on the 4200 Geary Boulevard housing project located in San Francisco, CA. The project consists of the construction of a 7-story building with 6 floors of 100% affordable residential above a ground floor with amenities. The development will have 98 units of affordable housing ranging from studios to 1-bedroom apartments divided as follows: twenty-five (25) of the units will be dedicated to formerly homeless seniors, twenty-five (25) units will serve extremely low income seniors, and the remaining units (48) will serve seniors making 70% and 75% MOHCD AMI. The ground floor will feature amenities such as a large community room, tenant services, property management offices, and commercial space of approximately 1,300 sf. This project is
pursuing GreenPoint Rating and participating in the Living Building Challenge Affordable Housing Pilot Program.

Our acoustical consulting services includes an environmental noise study, sound isolation, room acoustics, MEP/HVAC noise, construction site visits, design input and façade acoustical design. Our involvement begins with Schematic Design through Construction Administration.