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LOCATION: Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela
PROJECT TYPE: Master Plan and New Facilities
CLIENT: Colegio Internacional Puerto La Cruz

Colegio Internacional Puerto La Cruz (CIPLC), located 130 miles east of Caracas, Venezuela, was founded in 1994 and emphasizes a rigorous education which prepares students for admission to colleges and universities in the U.S. and beyond. It serves 400 students pre-K through grade 12 and is currently housed on a leased campus of a former Catholic boarding school for boys.

Having outgrown their current facilities, CIPLC sought master planning for a proposed permanent site, an 8.3-acre site located on a man-made isthmus connecting the mainland to a small island. The first phase of the project determined all spatial needs, concept building plans, and an overall campus landscape and site plan for the proposed permanent site, paying special attention to the strict physical limitations of the compact site and designing a vertical campus to effectively house all desired programming.

Future facilities include vertical academic/ administration buildings that concentrate circulation on the interior and classroom on the exterior to capitalize on views, a solar energy roof system, a cantina, visual and performing arts building, gymnasium, library, and multi-use field.