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LOCATION: Los Angeles
PROJECT TYPE: Aviation Noise Analysis
CLIENT: Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. and LAWA

LAWA retained CSDA to conduct a technical feasibility and environmental review regarding the increase of the North Downwind arrival altitudes and to suggest changes to the north downwind flight path.

Aircraft arriving from the north and west during Westerly Operations follow the North Downwind Arrival Route to land at LAX. This route directs aircraft to head east parallel to the 10 freeway and make a U-turn at or pass the 110 freeway for final approach to LAX, and to create an alternative route for these arrivals. Since the Implementation of FAA’s Southern California Metroplex Project in 2017, aircraft following this route have been flying via a narrower and more concentrated flight path than before, increasing aircraft noise on the communities below.

The Communicate Roundtable proposed two options in order to provide noise relief for the communities:
A) To increase the altitudes of aircraft on the North Downwind Arrival Route and to extend the downwind leg of this route farther east to San Bernardino before aircraft can make a U-turn to head back to LAX for landing.
B) To create a new arrival procedure that directs aircraft to follow a different flight path than the North Downwind Arrival Route to join the final approach in the San Bernardino area.

CSDA performed noise modeling, emissions and fuel burn analysis as well as an evaluation of airspace conflicts. In addition, population exposure was calculated.