PROJECT TYPE: New Construction
CLIENT: Los Angeles Unified School District
PROJECT COST: $22,000,000

CSDA provided architectural design services for a new physical education building as well as a new multi-purpose room, lunch pavilion and student store and now the project is currently under construction.

The new physical education building will house two regulation basketball courts, a volleyball court, fitness center, a classroom, storage, locker rooms with adjacent offices, conference room and storage facilities.

The second building (pictured above) will house a new multi-purpose room with a performing arts stage, a lunch pavilion with a full kitchen, indoor and outdoor seating and an adjacent student store.

These new buildings are remaining from a 2003 Building Vulnerability Chart that required seismic strengthening or to be replaced entirely due to their vulnerability during a major seismic event. As a result, CSDA assisted with a seismic study and a full site analysis of both structures to obtain Proposition 1D funding. Completion of the study determined two new buildings was the best and most economical solution.

Construction is being phased to allow continued use of the existing physical education building during construction. A prominent set of terraced and landscaped steps are being constructed to tie the new physical education building into the existing campus. This will also serve as an outdoor learning space for gatherings and extracurricular activities. Additionally, CSDA is providing infrastructure for photovoltaic systems on both building roofs, as well as shade structures for the new adjacent parking areas.

The new buildings will also successfully address and mitigate accessibility issues throughout the campus. Once complete in 2019, these projects will be CHPS (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) registered and certified.