CSDA was retained to work with the design team to provide acoustical consulting services for the 1951 Harbor Bay Park Exelixis Offices located in Alameda, CA. The project site is in the Harbor Bay area in Alameda, just north of Oakland International Airport. Exelixis, a biotechnology company that specializes in the development and commercialization of new medicine to treat difficult cancers, is expanding its offices to build a new headquarters. The new office building will have conference rooms, private offices, open offices, a fitness area, break/All-Hands space, and other ancillary spaces.

The scope of work included an Environmental Noise Study/Facade Design as well as sound isolation, room acoustics, HVAC/MEP noise and vibration analysis during the Design Development, Construction Document, Permit/Bid and Construction Administration phases. CSDA is honored to work with the team in providing Exelixis with space to further their admirable mission of working towards a cure for cancer.


CSDA is currently providing architectural and engineering services for a new two-story building that will house six (6) learning pods (equivalent to 12 classrooms), health and administrative offices, media/literacy center, teacher workroom and cooking cafeteria. This new building represents CSDA’s goal to assist the Vaughn Next Century Learning Center in providing their community, staff, and students with an inspiring new building to call “home”.


CSDA is currently providing architectural and engineering design services at the Vaughn Next Learning Center MIT Middle School for a new classroom building to
replace the existing classroom building. The new building is intended to serve the growing student population of Vaughn’s MIT Middle School. The new Type II-B
building consists of a three-story building with 21 regular classrooms, 1 music room, and 1 multi-purpose room.


Vaughn Next Learning Center VISA High School campus is expanding its campus with the addition of an Arts Center. The building is intended to serve the growing
student population of VISA High School as new academic expansion space for music and health education. The two-story building will be located on the existing
parking lot adjacent to the main building. The building entry faces the main building to create a sense of a cohesive high school campus. On the ground floor, we have
a health classroom and music classroom. On the second floor, we have two open concept (POD) classrooms.



With a vision of incorporating 21st century teaching methods and technology, Bellarmine-Jefferson High School teamed with CSDA to renovate and modernize 1,850 SF of existing library spaces into high performance, flexible learning spaces for their High School community.

A 21st century collaboration space and student union was designed for breakout learning and multi-discipline collaboration for before, during and after-school. The library was reimagined with flexible work areas to accommodate small and large collaboration groups and a technology hub called the “thought spot” was added as a Central gathering space for more intimate project presentations and collaborations. Learning nooks were added at the periphery of the space to allow for small groups of up to four to gather and work while oversized seating benches were installed along the exterior windows to allow for individual learning opportunities in the diffused sunlight.

21st Century Key Features
• Library
• Flexible work areas
• Collaborative spaces
• Soft and Flexible Seating
• Lighting and Color Student Display Space
• Flexibility, Adaptability, and Variety