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International School Master Plan


International School

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International School of Latvia Master Plan

The International School of Latvia (ISL) is located on a 4.08-hectare site situated just outside the city of Riga, Lativa. Prominently situated within the community of Pinki, it is accessible primarily by automobile and served by a school bus service which is contracted out. The ISL’s campus is nestled within a mixture of industrial, residential, and orchard zones. The surrounding area is a lighter-density suburban community of single and multi-family family residences. The school was built in 2010 with minimal alterations since its completion. The school has added two modular buildings located near the athletic fields which house two classrooms and campus storage.

The intent of the Final Master Plan is to provide the school and its stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of the opportunities that are present within the existing International School of Latvia campus. The final design concept and phasing plans were created utilizing the information gathered during the previous phases of the master plan process. Design options were presented and discussed during multiple design review meetings. A final design scheme was selected and further developed, focusing on the short and long-term goals of the school, its financial impacts on the school, and projected student enrollment.