Oxnard, CA

Project Type

New Classroom Building


Oxnard School District

Construction year

2015 - 2019

Project Cost


Thurgood Marshall Elementary School

The Thurgood Marshall School sits on an 11-acre site located in the City of Oxnard. The school currently operates a kindergarten through fifth grade educational program for 555 students with 24 classrooms and features an academic strand program focused on visual and performing arts. The new Marshall classroom building project was developed to meet the District’s need for interim capacity for grades 6-8 so that a new middle school can be constructed within the District.

The new classroom building will also provide a long-term K-8 educational program for the Thurgood Marshall School. The project will provide 12 new teaching spaces for 324 more students in grades 6-8. The building will house nine (9) general purpose classrooms (learning labs) at 960 SF each, two (2) science labs at 1,200 SF each, and one (1) performing arts lab at 1,200 SF. Additionally the building will house student and staff restrooms, locker/changing rooms, storage, utility spaces, circulation, and stairs and an elevator.