Twenty-first century school design can be defined simply as designing better buildings for better learning.

When approaching 21st century school design, CSDA focuses on how teaching reflects upon student learning and how education reflects upon the world students will move into, which is highly technology-based. By working with numerous educators and school administrators over the years, we have learned that having a 21st century school means staying relevant, attracting and retaining high-caliber teachers and students, and providing innovative and dynamic environments that inspire learning.

Common principles that guide our 21st century school design:

• Technology-intensive teaching and learning
• Sustainable, high-performance buildings
• Innovative and flexible space to accommodate changing technology
• Increased emphasis on health, comfort and security
• High-performance learning environments
• Small learning communities within large campuses
• Schools as centers of communities
• Schools as partners of higher education and businesses
• Non-traditional options for school facilities and classrooms